BWO, if you haven’t heard, is the first theme I ever made for WordPress, though it’s as full-feautred as my most recent themes. BWO, as the image below suggests, is named for the colors it uses. Black, white, and orange. It also uses only one font, the beautiful serif typeface, Georgia.

BWO img

This simplicity — which looks good — also makes the theme a very good base for the creation of your own themes. I’ve taken step to make modification as straight-forward and easy as possible — including many comments (copious by WordPress theme standards) and even an index to let you know where I’ve hidden things.

Because images can be a hindrance to the modification of a theme, I originally developed BWO to contain none. Though it now includes one — to fix a minor aesthetic problem — you can still get a completely up-to-date version without a single image, called BWO_sans (for sans images).

BWO shares many of the best features of my other themes, like:

  • Coherent and thorough documentations in the stylesheet to make the theme easy to modify
  • A search box without that annoying and badly-behaved search button
  • A nice, built in archives page that makes it easy for visitors to find old content
  • A clutter-free design that emphasizes your content over my design prowess
  • A coherent and secure basis on which to display your blog
  • Free support from yours truly

As with all my themes, you can demo it before you download it (version 0.80, 15 December 2007). Please post questions comments and concerns below.