About the site

Ikiru PosterAbout the name… the name Ikiru is stolen from 1952 a film by the infamous Akira Kurosawa — that’s the poster for it at right. There’s not a single samurai in the movie — but as I remember, it was pretty good. It’s about an aging bureaucrat who begins to worry that he’s done nothing of value in his life. It follows his exploration of what is essentially the meaning of life. For more information, you can look at the movie’s IMDb and Wikipedia pages.

Ikiru is actually Japanese for “to live” — or so I’m told, I don’t speak the language — and though I could claim that there was some idea that I “design to live” or “live to design” within the name choice, there was not. I just liked the way it sounded.

Most of what you’ll find here are free themes (for WordPress) that I’ve made. There are also some thought’s I’ve had about blogging and web design. It’s mostly all about me though, so it’s pretty much required that you love me to view this site. 😉

About the owner

DavidIkiru Design is the design home and portfolio of the unfamous blogger David Hayes. Though he blogs about non-technical topics at Frozen Toothpaste and Link Banana, he also likes to play with CSS and blog design. And he doesn’t like talking about himself in the third person.

I began to work on WordPress theme development because I was unsatisfied with all the themes I found to use on my blog, and had to modify some. I spent a lot of time at WordPress’s Theme Viewer and couldn’t find much I really liked, and was dissatisfied with that fact. Unlike most of what I find around, my themes aim to be easy-to-understand (and thus modify) and visually simple.

I’ve played around with web design, off and on, since the bad old days of when frames were common and table-based design was considered good. Mercifully, I never took the time to be good at that stuff — CSS came along early enough to save me. I have a pretty thorough understanding of (X)HTML and CSS, though I’m constantly learning and improving. I’m also fiddling with PHP, though I’m still miles away from proficient.