A Mission Statement

One of the things that I constantly struggle with is the difference between all the different things that this site could, or perhaps should, be and what really drove me to make it in the first place. So this is a small public statement (for myself first and anyone else second) about what this site is and isn’t which will hopefully help me better understand and focus on it’s reasons for existing and what my goals are for it.

If there’s a single reason I maintain a website devoted to working with WordPress, it’s this: WordPress is the best tool that currently exists for internet publishing, and my primary goal today is to be an internet author (and by extension publisher). My goal, with all things I create is to make better WordPress tools that help internet publishers to makes better looking, more approachable internet content. Even if no one but me ever finds value in the things I create and share here, the tools and learning I put here will have helped me to become a better internet publisher.

It’s not about making money. It’s not about making the kind of things that get me copious internet traffic. It’s not about getting people to hire me to do things with WordPress for them. It’s about making better, more approachable, and thus more read, internet sites using WordPress. That’s it.

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