Don’t Put it in the Theme

If there’s one lesson I can think of that I wish I’d learned sooner in the whole WordPress plugin and theme area it’s this: unless you can make a convincing argument that it belongs in the theme, it doesn’t.

Over the weekend, I finally did some work I’d been meaning to for a while. I moved the “post meta data” — tags, similar posts, last and previous post links, etc — which I used to have in the sidebar of Frozen Toothpaste back to the bottom of the posts. (Every post on the site will show it, but this is a shorter one.) It seems obvious to me (now; there’s a then when it wasn’t) that this is the right place for it to be, there for when someone has finished with one post and can easily get a good “next action” right there, rather than scrolling back to the top and then looking to the sidebar.

All of that’s tangential to the point that when I started to build this new “post meta box” I went to start writing the code for it into my current theme. But I’ve meant to change my theme for nearly a year, and it occurred to me that it would really suck to have to move all this code over next time I change the theme.

So I went with the obvious solution to this problem, and the best answer to the generic question of “Well, then where should I put code that does stuff in my theme?” I made a plugin.

Some of this is simply personal preference and coding style. There’s probably a reasonable argument that could be made for keeping at least some of the code that makes those post meta boxes appear local to the theme. I’m convinced it’s possible that you could convince someone of that argument. But I doubt you could have convinced me that’s what I should do for me. And that’s really all that matters. If you can’t convince yourself it belongs in the theme, it doesn’t. If you’re able to convince yourself, do whatever you like.

To most people who spend a significant amount of time futzing with WordPress plugins and themes, this is probably self-evident. But I struggle to recall a time when I didn’t make at least a few poor decisions because I’d never heard the pretty damn good advice: if it doesn’t obviously belong in your WordPress theme, don’t put it in your WordPress theme.

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