A Note on Versions

A note to myself:

Keeping version numbers (and a changelog) inside the style sheets you make for themes isn’t a bad idea. It really convenient for you and anyone else that uses your themes. But — and this is a big one — you need to actually update it as you make changes to the theme for it to have any value. You haven’t been doing that. Instead your making changes — sometimes very big and important — but leaving the version numbers and change logs out-of-date.

You should resolve that starting on January 1, you’ll always keep this information up-to-date. I know you never really liked New Years Resolutions, but this is a good and coming-soon landmark to use. You can start to keep track now, but you must be keeping track by then.

To make it even more necessary and final, you should make sure all the themes you’ve made so far are at version 1.0 by January 1. It doesn’t matter if it’s flawless and “featureful” but that would be a real bonus as well.

With sincere admiration and modest disappointment,


For anyone who wasn’t myself and didn’t read the above note — thanks respecting my privacy by the way ;) — here’ the take away: my themes will be updated and brought to version 1.0 by January 1, 2008. From then on I’ll do my best to keep version numbers and change logs on track. I should have been doing this all along, but it’s better late than never I suppose.

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