BWO Theme Updated


Since I released BWO a few days ago, I haven’t stopped tinkering with it. This means that it now has a number of improvements over the earlier version. A quick rundown of aesthetic improvements:

  • Made h3 a useful — and correctly styled — way to add headers to subsections within posts
  • Fixed lists (both ordered and unordered) so that they won’t look funny at the end of posts
  • Added an “Edit” link on single-entry view — it’s next to the categories
  • Improved Search Results so that they now display an excerpt in addition to the title
  • Improved Archive view so it looks more like regular browsing
  • Widened the sidebar — for ad support and for more data to fit
  • Narrowed the content section — makes it easier to read (more top-to-bottom, less left-to-right)
  • And the big one: Fixed the divider between the content and sidebar — it now will always run the full distance from the navigation menu to the footer

I also made many, perhaps more significant, changes to the back-end. These will be explained in greater detail later, but they make the theme much easier to understand and modify.

For more, visit the BWO page, or download BWO now.

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